An experiment with a dangerous writing tool

I recently heard about It's a web app thats designed to shut down your inner editor. If you stop typing for more than five seconds, it deletes your work. I decided to try it out tonight. I set it for five minutes and started typing. Here's the unedited swill that I puked into it's editor:

I started this without knowing what I wanted to write. I'm told that writing every day can be a good way to learn to write well. Perhaps this system can keep my writing. Perhaps not. If this deletes itself before I finish typing this, we'll know for sure.

Still with me? Good, I haven't lost yet. I think I'll continue doing this until it stops me. I wonder how many words I'll write if I just keep going for the full time.

When is this going to turn into something worth reading? That's a good question. What's worth reading? A poem?

The sky is dark
the wind is cold
winter sucks.

hrmmm. That wasn't very good, but hey, I'm still typing so I guess that's ok.

What kind of article will this be? Writing for the sake of writing isn't the best use of time, but I'd like to see where I end up.

Oh, I'm done.

The good news is that I wrote. I Think I'll keep it up.